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Company seminar: Boost your presentations

Share the secrets of a TRUE presentations expert.


Other trainers in Suisse Romande are generalists: today they give a training on presentations, tomorrow on Change Management.

Our core business is presentations. Every day of the week.



It’s not about theory. It’s about practice.


For two decades we have created and delivered presentations. Our seminar is supported by real examples of jobs done by PowerPro for his clients. We go beyond standard trainings cliché theories.

Our objective: to teach you how to solve your communication problems.

Beyond presentations, a training on communication.


Because the goal of all presentations is to deliver a message. Through this unique seminar, discover all the visual, verbal and non-verbal techniques that a good presenter must master. Our method: a holistic approach of presentations – concept, design and delivery.





2-days customized seminar for 6 to 12 participants.


Workshops on concept, design or non-verbal communication.


Give a personal presentation, filmed and analyzed on the spot.

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Your ideas deserve to be understood. Our expertise in visual communication is the key to your success.

Not a blog. But some ideas related to presentations.

Let me start with a couple of videos I created, while thinking of my ex-colleagues. If you recognize them (your colleagues), copy and forward the link below to those who have suffered like I have.

And a text inspired by an unexpected encounter.

The reverse gear and the lost generation

Some time ago, I was having a discussion with a young apprentice. She told me that in addition to commercial law and accounting, she was also attending some computer lessons on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. PowerPoint? Really?

- Tell me: what do you learn during these PowerPoint lessons?

- We learn to import images, set text and creat animations and transitions between pages.

- Oh, excellent! And how is you work judged?

- So we each receive a company profile and we have to present the company using PowerPoint.

- And you present in front of your classmates?

- No, no. We send it by email to the teacher.

- Huh? You prepare a presentation but you do not present it?

- Ah no, that would take too long. Imagine everyone having to present their final work…

- …

PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi – in short, presenterware – are visual tools designed to support a presenter. This is how they were designed. Our school system, despite having good intentions, is nonetheless shaping an entire generation into using presenterware like an improved version of Word. One you can project and animate… It is a Lost Generation that we are creating. Like someone trained to drive a car, but only in Reverse Gear.

Today, no HR director will hire a candidate not having the holy trinity Word-Excel-PowerPoint on their CV. This brave 2.0 Generation knows how to format a paragraph in half a click, but has trouble deciding between “their” and “they’re”. Because the spell checker does not know the difference. They know everything about Conditional Formatting but cannot divide 512 by 8. More seriously, they are taught to use PowerPoint exactly in the way that it should not be used.

The result? Death By Bullet Points. The need to stick on this bloody slide absolutely EVERYTHING they know about a topic in case they forget something. Or scared to look like an underperformer in comparison to their colleagues. And what does the audience get? Overwhelmed by 14 pts Arial and third level bullets, they desperately plunge into irreversible lethargy or discretely read their emails on their smartphones.

Designed to be a communication tool, presenterware has turned into tortureware, triggering a visceral fear at the sound of: “For this meeting, I have prepared a PowerPoint that…”

We were taught to write and read at school. We were taught to calculate. But who taught us to communicate?

The expert’s advice:


Using capitals.


Use capitals sparingly on your slides, as the audience might feel that you are SHOUTING when you capitalize everything.


It is hard to tell where this convention of capitalizing comes from. Alice Robb from the New Republic proposes some answers on the topic here:




I am not sure that the theory about the Romans having written the superior feats of the Emperor in capitals is one that can be explicitly trusted. To be honest, I cannot remember reading a Latin text in lower case… Nonetheless, it is true that capitals FILL UP THE SPACE.


When someone shouts, we are aware of the shout. Not the nuance. An all caps text will overwhelm all the other elements of your slide. It should therefore be used sparsely.


Think about a symphony. Beauty comes from nuance. Imagine that all the instruments are playing as loud as they possibly can (let’s forget Heavy Metal for a moment). I am not sure the delicacy of the melody will be perceived.


Keep the capitals for titles, nouns, or some charts captions for example.


And for those who deserve your wrath.



Mr. Didntprepare: "Don't worry, it will be alright!" Mr. Artist: "I found the animation button!"


Thierry Pillet Graphic design background. 5 years working for an advertising agency. Extensive experience with international clients such as the Olympic Committee and Philip Morris. Collaborated with a team of designers to create the graphic chart for the Olympic Rings. While working with Logitech, gained extensive expertise as Channel Marketing and Brand Director for EMEA. In 2011, founded PowerPro, the first agency in French Switzerland exclusively focused on presentations. Has presented thousands of slides to international audiences and organized many presentation skills seminars. Solves daily communication problems for his clients.

We are located in Rolle, Switzerland and our clients hail from Geneva to Neuchâtel.



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